Don’t let the end of summer be your excuse to stop wanting that summer body. It’s never too late to start good habits and enter the Fall on the right step.
We’re offering an 8-week morning (5-6 a.m.) 💪💪Strength-Training Boot Camp💪💪 (three-days each week), taught by personal trainer Steve Simanek of First Step Fitness. These 24 classes will focus on building your strength and conditioning your muscles. You’ll also get nutrition coaching, meal-plan assistance and progress tracking.
📣The first 10 people to sign up for this 24-class Boot Camp will pay just $600. Valued at $1,800, that’s a savings of $1,200!!! 👀👀
If you’re interested in this class, call/text us at 720-263-2325 or email us at info@relivefitnessperformance.com.